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From startups to large enterprises, businesses of all sizes use Firstbase to setup, manage, maintain and retrieve all the physical equipment their remote workers need to do great work at home.

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The all-in-one remote team management solution

One place to manage everything your remote team needs: from onboarding, to offboarding, and everything in between.


Automate delivery of hardware, it arrives with software & security installed

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IT Support

Ongoing maintenance and repairs, issues with IT while deployed handled

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Everything your team needs to be safe, comfortable and productive at home

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Delivery when a worker joins, collections if they leave, at the touch of a button

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Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of remote products

We bring together everything that’s required for any company to scale a remote team at the touch of a button. Firstbase gives you superpowers to manage all your remote teams needs, in a single place, effortlessly.








"I cannot imagine managing our newly remote-first company without First Base. They have been a key partner in helping us transition from a traditional office and traditional asset management to a flexible, work-from-anywhere workforce. We now hire talent across the country and know that we can quickly send new hires quality equipment, without having to directly oversee its maintenance, repair, or return. The team at First Base is responsive, adaptable, and quickly adding new features and capabilities, which makes me confident they will play an important role for our company for years to come."







"As a world-wide remote team, we always had challenges with sourcing and provisioning technology. Firstbase allows a single point of contact and single source of truth to make that a thousand times easier. Firstbases’s model allows us to scale fast while spreading payments which is super helpful when doubling our team and allows us to spend more intelligently."


Director of IT





"Firstbase has been able to take the management of procuring, imaging, and shipping systems out to users off our IT team’s plate so they can focus on the projects and supporting our end users. A huge advantage is with offboarding.  The IT team doesn’t have to try to get packing materials to the outgoing employee, dealing with the shipping labels, making sure they are getting all of the items expected to be returned in the box, and eliminate the administrative burden our team has to deal with. In addition, with our remote office model, we aren’t turning our IT team’s homes into IT storage facilities as equipment comes and goes… their families have been very grateful. They have been a great extension to our team providing system deployment, reclamation, and re-deployment covering inventory management and the administrative burden with these processes.

How can Firstbase help you?


Streamline operations, increase efficiency, lower operating costs


Automate remote team onboarding, ensure health and safety standards


Ensure your IT is safe and secure, repairs and maintenance handled with ease


Move assets off balance sheet, one easy payment as a monthly subscription

Why Firstbase?

Teams of all sizes, across different industries, experience great benefits utilizing Firstbase

Cost Efficient
With zero up front costs and one monthly subscription we amortize the cost over your product lifecycles.

Easily Set Up
Product catalogs for your employees to personalize their selections. We handle everything else from delivery to maintenance and collection at the end.

Risk Reduction
We oversee all delivery and setup to ensure your teams have the right tools, meeting safety compliance and mitigating against risk of injury.

Culture & Experience
Show your team how much you care with awesome perks & rewards programs.

Loved by
Remote Leaders

"As a remote-first and global team, FirstBase makes it easy for us to ensure that our entire team is setup with the right equipment and office right in their own homes."

Mac Reddin
CEO, Commsor
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"Being able to quickly scale teams while also giving members of your hybrid team a feeling that they belong to the core team is extremely hard. Firstbase removes the headache and gives everyone a personal IT support team day one."

Andreas Klinger
GP, Remote First Capital
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“Having tried to set up hundreds of workers with the right equipment to operate remotely, I immediately saw the value in Firstbase’s solution. They enable you to onboard and equip people anywhere in an instant.”

Jonathan Siddharth
CEO, Turing
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“Firstbase is the platform every company with remote workers has been waiting for. Providing a great experience to remote workers is hard. Through Firstbase you can handle everything that matters easily.”

Nick Mehta
CEO, Gainsight
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“Bridge’s team is distributed globally, so getting equipment to our team is difficult. Being able to set them up, manage, maintain and retrieve equipment at the touch of a button is a super power that let us focus on doing great work.”

Connor Murphy
CEO, Bridge
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“As someone who’s worked remotely for several years for a few different companies, the more you grow, the more time and internal resources you will need to provision and maintain equipment for the team. This can create a logistical nightmare. Firstbase helps you get back to growing your business instead of spending your time on the work about work.”

Luke Thomas
Founder, Friday
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“Investing in personal workspaces is key to catalyzing an excellent remote work experience. When you’re comfortable at work, you feel supported to do great work. There’s no better way to ensure a great Day 1 than to tell a new hire: “Your workspace matters, even if no one here ever sees it.”

Darren Murph
, Gitlab
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“When you work remotely, your workstation can be an advantage or disadvantage. Don’t put your team at a disadvantage. Firstbase makes it incredibly easy to give all of your remote employees the competitive workstation they deserve.”

Dayton Mills
CEO, Branch
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"Remote work is here to stay, and at Whereby we are fully committed to this way of working. However, managing and scaling a fully remote team comes with challenges. Getting new employees setup, manage their hardware and equipment is complicated. By partnering with Firstbase we have experts help us so we can focus on our core offering."

Øyvind Reed
CEO, Whereby
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"We all know how critical it is to equip our teams with the best gear, so they can do their best work.  But this can take so much time, in figuring out that equipment to start with, getting it to them, or back when their career moves on.  And then you need to pay for it.  What Firstbase are doing is helping us all to get to great work faster and solving so many headaches we've all faced."

Rose Barrett
CM, Grow Remote
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“Knowledge industries live and die by their ability to employ the smartest workers. Firstbase gives employers a critical advantage by equiping these workers with the tools to do their best work, taming the logistical nighmare of managing offices and equipment everywhere to a button press.”

Jordan Husney
CEO, Parabol
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“Getting a remote team setup with the equipment they need is hard. Maintaining and repairing it is harder. Collecting it’s almost impossible. Firstbase solves all of these problems which every remote team is struggling with today.”

Alex Bouaziz
CEO, Deel
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“2020 has shown us that remote work is not only here to stay, it is the future. However, setting your teams up for success and maintaining the employee experience remotely is full of logistical challenges. Firstbase empowers companies to build remote work environments as easily as they would in their own HQ"

Michael Martocci
CEO, Swagup
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"In the modern workplace, its crucial to have the tools necessary to provide a good experience for existing and new employees. FirstBase takes the guess work out of a huge piece and helps provide a seemless transition to giving your employees the equipment and tools they need for success. "

Joe Martin
VPM, CloudApp
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"Ensuring our employees are safe, comfortable, happy and productive at home is crucial for our business to operate efficiency. Firstbase has developed a super simple way to remove all the complexities associated with supplying and managing the equipment our remote workers need, saving us both time and money."

Maria Wlosinska
CEO, Unlock
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The Best Remote Work Experience on the Planet

Setup, manage, maintain and retrieve everything your remote team needs at the touch of a button

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